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11.4.16 Kiki Ebsen's Joni Mitchell Project is proud to announce the definitive Joni Mitchell Birthday Bash, honoring the birthday of this iconic singer-songwriter. This encore performance after September’s sold-out E Spot show includes selections from Joni's infinite, diverse music catalog from which performances will flow. Kiki Ebsen (vocals, keys, guitars), Grant Geissman (guitars, vocals), Terry Wollman (guitars), Steven Lawrence (bass) and Matt Starr (drums). 

12.28.16 Kiki Ebsen and her brother, Dustin, invite you to enjoy a special holiday performance honoring their father, Buddy Ebsen. “To Dad with Love” features Kiki’s songs drawn from her latest CD, "Scarecrow Sessions," (named for Buddy’s pivotal role in “The Wizard of Oz”) that he ultimately lost, but made his career. Sharing favorites from the Great American Songbook, Kiki gives the audience a grand musical journey. From vaudeville forward, Buddy danced his way from stage to the screen as an MGM contract player. Personal stories from Kiki’s life share poignant memories of growing up in a famous family, and how Buddy’s handling of career challenges shaped her own journey as an entertainer.

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